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Our School

The Lycée La Mennais of Guérande welcomes everyone and is open to everyone!

The La Mennais high school was funded in 1989 by the brothers of Christian Education “ La Mennais”. Jean Marie de La Mennais was the founder of this congregation. The school is under contract with the French Ministry of Education.

The La Mennais high school welcomes 450 to 500 students, 15 to 18 years old. It offers general education for grades 10th to 12th. Several optional classes are organized such as drama, Latin, European section, Italian, sports, drawing. A swimming team trains every week with our sport teachers and participate in national competitions.

The school day usually starts at 8 and ends at 5:15 pm. Most students come to school by bus. 95% of them eat at the school canteen which provides a 4 dishes traditional meal every day in a nice building 400 meters away from the school.

The main characteristics of the school are :
  • Nice open one store buildings with large windows and very quiet environment
  • Friendly atmosphere and great respect of people
  • Small community which allows good and personal relationships
  • Committed teachers and staff
  • Large numbers of activities and optional courses
  • Many activities dedicated to rising the awareness of environmental issues
  • A great international opening with a lot of trips, partnerships abroad, exchanges, language courses and European programs

The life at school is inspired by a catholic insight on life and people. Religion is not taught at school, but quite a few events and activities are organized throughout the school year to allow everyone to have spiritual experiences.



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24 Rue Jean Baptiste Legeay,
44350 Guérande

European Section

The Lycée La Mennais proposes an optional course called European section. From the 11th grade students can decide the subject of their European class: Physics/ Chemistry or geography/history.
The European section is designed to improve language skills and to give an intercultural opening. The students do a lot of group work, projects, researches and debates.

"Maison des lycéens" House of students

The student house is represented by the so-called student office. The students (from 10th to 12th grade) meet once a month. The aim of the student house is to motivate students to take responsibility to be creative and to start their own actions. The student House supports sports, cultural and solidary projects.

For example, to fund its projects, the Student house organises the sale of bakeries every day. This year the students designed their students room. They selected new furniture and decorations.

The activities currently offered are based on the interests of the students and are held during the lunch break.

  • student’s journal,
  • Radio,
  • Music,
  • Drawing
  • Cinema and computer science

Eco- School

It has been a project since the beginning of the school year 2015/2016. The delegates of the eco school want to make the school more ecological and environmentally friendly through various projects. The lycée has now been included in the large network of « eco schools ».

These are our projects:

  • Waste separation in partnership with the association »Les Papiers de Espoir »
  • Setting up a school garden space that is designed for rest and relaxation, equipped with seating, and plants
  • Having two sheeps in the garden oft he schhol
  • Excursion on the topic of biodiversity, beach cleaning in La Turballe
  • Organizing events on sustainable development during the Environment week
  • Ashtrays in the entrance area of the school

International Opening

At La Mennais, it is very important that students have the opportunity to get into contact with other cultures and languages. The school received a “International label” delivered by the Catholic administration in Nantes in partnership with the Rectorat of Nantes which is the local state administration for education. This label is given for three years.

  • 4 foreign languages are taught at the school : English, Spanish, German, Italian
  • Each year, during a week in April, there are no classes. Trips abroad and exchanges are organized for volunteer students. Internships abroad are also suggested and organized with the students. We have partner schools in Spain, Austria, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Greece, Togo (Africa) and the United States. Each year, groups of students or individual students spend from one to 6 weeks in our partner schools, living with host families, or have virtual exchanges with them via the European platform e-twinning.
  • We welcome each year European language assistants. They are hosted in an apartment in the school. They assist language teachers in their class. They also give the students the opportunity to speak another language during lunch breaks or at any other convenient time for the students. They are fully integrated in the school community and participate in all events, giving an external point of view which appears to be greatly beneficial to all.
  • Teachers and administrative employees participate to a European Erasmus+ program. The name of first project is “Let’s be more International, Innovative and Inclusive”. Therefore, members of the project have one to 2 weeks courses or job shadowing abroad. The aim is to learn new practices and to take contacts for new international projects or partnerships. Another Erasmus +program will be started next.

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